This will be my first blog post ever and first of 2018. I wanted to share some of my personal opinions and insights as we look ahead to the 9th consecutive bull market, one of the longest in US history. In 2017, the S&P 500 grew 19%, Dow 25%, and Nasdaq an amazing 28%. Even with an abysmal IPO year, it was pretty hard to find many negatives within the financial sector. The Information Technology sector grew an amazing 36% as Facebook, Amazon, Alphabet only further their grip as the top companies in the world. Nvidia kept its incredible growth going from 2016, although slightly tapering off in Q4.

The overwhelming question really becomes: How long can this Bull market last? There are varying theories, but my personal opinion is that we will not see an overall bear market for at least a couple of years. Technology is improving at an astonishing rate and even as cryptos had their best growth year to date, the symbiotic nature of cryptos to the market is ever more apparent. In parallel, blockchain technology will only improve the profitability and sustainability of these tech companies, as security has become of the utmost importance.

I also believe that 2018 will be the last year where you see astronomical growth in the crypto market. With the growing popularity of crypto giants Bitcoin and Etherium, coin marketplaces (wallets) have become inundated with millions of users trying to establish accounts. The overwhelming flood of new users has overran these marketplace’s ability to accept new users, consequently allowing a relatively small population of the world to partake in these “alternate investments.” As technology and computing power is enhanced, these marketplaces will be more adapt to handle the volume of daily new users that register. However, I predict that as more people have the ability to register and trade coins, the demand will surely go down, along with the astronomical profits seen in cryptos for the past year and a half.

I could probably go on and on about my opinions, but I shall stop it here for now. I would like to get at least a couple blog posts up a month with each post centered around topics of immediate relevance. They will be more focused around one theme in an attempt to educate my readers on topics that they would not hear in every day conversations. I do love the financial sector and will attempt to share my passion with all of you! Thanks and stay tuned!